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        Building Blocks

        Micropacked Bed Technology

        The application of continuous flow process in hydrogenation with micropacked bed reactor is a viable and promising option to overcome the barriers of conventional batch reactors. At PharmaBlock, micropacked bed has been successfully used in different chemistries, including but not limited to:

        ?  Benzyl deprotection

        ?  Nitro reduction

        ?  Olefin reduction

        ?  Reductive amination

        ?  Selective pyridine reduction

        ?  Selective dehalogenation

        Catalyst Development, Screening and Production Capabilities


        PharmaBlock's chemistry and engineering team has been developing and producing palladium (Pd(I/II)), platinum (Pt) and ruthenium (Ru) catalysts to provide a better solution to extent the catalyst life cycle and reduce cost.


        Capacity—From Lab to Manufacturing Scale


        Most applications of micropacked bed reactors in pharmaceutical industry nowadays are still limited from lab-scale to kilogram. However, PharmaBlock has designed and assembled manufacturing-scale equipment which has the capacity of delivering hundred metric ton output annually.


        Automatic Process Detection and Control


        The micropacked bed reactors of different sizes at PharmaBlock are equipped with DCS (distributed control system) to achieve automatic detection and control of the entire device. The dedicated state-of-the-art control system is equipped with low-, high- and ultra-high-alarm along with multi-level safety protection logic to ensure accuracy, safety and reliability.

        Click here to know more about our INSIGHTS & CASE STUDIES of continuous flow chemistry

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