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        Building Blocks

        Flow chemistry

        Extensive flow chemistry experience

        At PharmaBlock, continuous flow chemistry has been routinely applied to projects. In addition to the development molecules from clients, PharmaBlock has a number of building blocks that have been synthesized and scaled up via flow technology.

        Pharmablock has successfully applied flow chemistry into multiple reaction types, including but not limited to:

        ?  Cryogenic reaction

        ?  Diaza chemistry

        ?  High temperature and/or high-pressure reaction

        ?  High energy chemical reaction

        ?  Reaction involving pungent and stinky intermediate, SM, product

        ?  Reaction involving toxic reagent or product

        ?  Oxidation 

        ?  Nitration 

        ?  Bromination 

        ?  Fluorination 

        ?  Electrolysis

        Robust engineering capabilities to increase the flexibility of flow chemistry applications

        PharmaBlock has a professional team specialized in mechanical, electronic and automation engineering that designs and assembles flow reactors of high flexibility.

        Currently, Pharmablock is equipped with self-assembled flow reactors with different volumes ranging from 1 mL to 15 L that are fabricated from different materials (PFA, SiC, SS316, etc.). The company also has some special equipment like micropacked bed and photocatalytic reactors. These flow reactors are applied both in lab and manufacturing scale for different projects.

        Click here to know more about our INSIGHTS & CASE STUDIES of continuous flow chemistry

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