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        Heterogeneous Catalysis

        Heterogeneous catalysts harboring transition metals can finely tune reaction selectivity and accelerate reaction rates. They also feature the great advantages of easy separation and reusability, boosting the efficiency and greenness of chemical process.

        On top of our constantly growing in-house catalyst inventory, we continue to research, design, develop and manufacture the following catalysts to support our projects:

        ?  Bead supported catalysts and cartridge catalysts used in flow process

        ?  Powder supported catalysts used in batch process

        ?  Customized and specialized catalysts

        ?  Catalyst screening


        Enzymes are the central catalyst in biosystems and also facilitate chemical reactions. They employ mild reaction conditions (temperature, pH, etc.) and show great selectivity (especially enantioselectivity). In addition, their catalysis function can be adjusted through mutations. The team in PharmaBlock can do:

        ?  Enzyme screening and route design

        ?  Chemoenzymatic process development and manufacturing

        ?  Enzyme immobilization

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