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        【Event】2021 China Pharmaceutical CMC Summit


        Join our experts at 2021 China Pharmaceutical CMC Summit to discuss the latest on CMC challenges and opportunities during 24th- 26th May. Dr. Yuanming Zhu, VP at PharmaBlock is invited to give a presentation on how innovative chemistry and engineering technologies support efficient, green, and safe solutions for drug development and manufacturing. Dr. Lujiang Deng, Executive Director at PharmaBlock will share CMC case studies in drug development. Don't miss the chance to connect with us and chat with our experts. 

        More about 2021 China Pharmaceutical CMC Summit

        Event: 2021 China Pharmaceutical CMC Summit

        Date of Event: May 24-26, 2021

        Venue: Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou


        Meeting Schedule 

        Asia Team
        Tel: +86 400 025 5188
        Email: sales@pharmablock.com

        US/EU Team
        Tel: 1-877 878 5226
        Email: salesusa@pharmablock.com

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