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        Building Blocks

        Building Blocks

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        Key Facts

        • 130,000+  building blocks
        • 3,500+  supplied over kilo scale
        • 19,000+  in stock
        • 1,000+  SAR/SPR tool kits
        • 25,000+  delivered within 2 weeks
        • 60+  chemical series

        Download the  Building Blocks Business Booklet.pdf

        Science-driven Building Blocks Design Strategy

        PharmaBlock’s building blocks are increasingly adopted by drug hunters to enrich the structure options, improve compound quality, expand patent space and eventually accelerate drug discovery projects. What makes PharmaBlock unique is our science-driven design strategy to ensure the novelty, diversity and high-quality of building blocks.

        PharmaBlock has conducted a systematic study on marketed, clinical and preclinical drug structures, and chemists keep weekly monitoring on the latest researches to design new chemical motifs, bioisosteric groups of commonly used functional groups for exploration of structure-activity relationship and structure-property relationship.

        Click here for our insights on privileged building blocks in drug discovery

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