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        Building Blocks

        Overview & Highlights

        Products & Services

        ? Novel and structurally diverse building blocks to enhance drug discovery

        ? Medicinal chemistry oriented SAR kits to inspire molecule design

        ? Building blocks driven innovative drug discovery platforms, including Fragment Based Drug Discovery (FBDD), DNA Encoded Library Technology (DELT) and innovative mega Virtual Library Screening (VS) to provide novel hits/leads


        ? Science-driven design strategy ensures novelty and diversity of building block to potentially increase the efficiency of hit/lead generation and lead optimization

        ? Accumulated chemistry knowledge within particular chemical series enable fast delivery of challenging molecules

        ? Process and manufacturing capabilities plus multiple sources of raw materials guarantee sustainable supply of the chemicals as projects move forward

        Key Capabilities


        250+ chemists
        with passion for chemistry & technologies
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        38,000+ ft2 lab space
        with state-of-the-art instruments
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