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        Product Site

        A Visionary Strategy for Integrated Chemistry Service

        PharmaBlock is committed to providing integrated chemistry services ranging from the design, synthesis and supply of lab scale building blocks, custom synthesis, process development, to pilot plant and commercial manufacturing of key intermediates and APIs. The vertical integration strategy conforms to the trend of industry development and ensures a long-term and stable partnership.

        An Elite Force for Challenging Chemistry

        At PharmaBlock, we are proud to have the industry’st talented professionals. With this elite force, we have differentiated ourselves from competitors by our ability to solve challenging and tough chemistry problems.

        Direct Involvement of Senior Management in All Key Projects

        Our senior leaders, who collectively have over 50 years of pharmaceutical R&D experience, are directly involved in all key projects, from planning, progress update, to problem-solving, to ensure project delivery on-time and with the highest possible quality.

        Steady Investment on Information Resources for Data-Driven Product Design and Development

        PharmaBlock has authorized access to multiple scientific databases, including: SciFinder, Reaxys, Integrity, Newport Premium, Cortellis for CI.

        A Promise on Quality and EHS for Sustainable Development


        At PharmaBlock, quality is more than a set of rules; it’s what we believe in. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and services that meet and exceed world-wide regulatory requirements. We have implemented an integrated quality management system complying with cGMP-like and ISO9001. Our manufacturing site has been audited by a number of international pharmas.


        Adhering to sustainable development, PharmaBlock continuously improve its performances in the area of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS). With the certificates of ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 , we have developed comprehensive EHS standards in the work place, to protect the environment, and well manage employees health and safety. Compliance is enforced daily and monitored frequently through announced and unannounced inspections.
        Know more about PharmaBlock’s green chemistry.
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