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        Product Site

        Our Core Businesses

        Building Blocks

        Key Facts of PharmaBlock Building Blocks

        80,000+ building blocks

        16,000+ in stock

        20,000+ delivered within 2 weeks

        1,000+ SAR/SPR tool kits

        18 core series featuring industry leadership

        60+ chemical series, covering all commenly-used structures in R&D of small molecule drugs 

        Why PharmaBlock

        Novelty & Diversity

        Novel building blocks designed by medicinal chemists upon weekly monitoring on recent research and patents

        Price Advantage

        Keep optimizing cost-effective synthetic route

        Sustainable Supply

        Process developed in advance for scale-up

        Fast Delivery of Custom Synthesis

        Based on profound knowledge and experience in synthesizing core series

        Featured Product Series

        Cyclopropane Series

        Pyrazole & Other Five-Membered Aromatics

        Four-membered Aliphatic Ring Series

        Pyridine, Pyrimidine & Other Six-Membered Aromatics

        Five-membered Aliphatic Ring Series

        Indole, Azaindole & Deazapurine Series

        Six-membered Aliphatic Ring Series

        Other 5,6-Fused Aromatic Series

        Bridged, Spiro & Fused Series

        Quinoline & Other 6,6-Fused Aromatic Series

        Other Series

        No.1 Supplier of 18 Core Series

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        Process Research & Development

        Process R&D Services

        Process route establishment

        Process optimization

        RSM justification studies

        Analytical method development

        Regulatory filing document preparation

        Bulk-scale production of GMP/non-GMP intermediates & RSMs

        GLP synthesis for pre-clinical studies

        Stability studies

        Enabling Technologies

        Continuous Flow Technology:Either with fixed bed hydrogenation flow reactor or self-assembled tube reactors, we develop flow process for safe and seamless scale up.

        Biocatalysis: From screening, optimization to multi kg scale up, we have experience with lipase, KRED, amidase, ATA etc.

        Flow Photochemistry:Scaling up of photoreactions is feasible in PharmaBlock with multiple flow photo reactors.

        Fluorination:With large and special equipment to handle fluorination using F2, HF, SF4 etc., we can supply fluorinated material up to metric tons scale.

        Pilot Plant and Manufacturing

        Why PharmaBlock 

        Process developed in advance for core series products

        Get started quickly on process R&D with accumulated knowledge and experience of building blocks

        Ability to tackle challenging chemistry with enabling technologies

        GMP kilo-lab is in planning

        GMP compliance

        Seamless technology transfer from lab to pilot plant to manufacturing

        EHS compliance, QUALITY assurance, IP protection

        Manufacturing Sites

        Flexible, multi-purpose plants compliant with cGMP and high EHS standards

        Able to practice a wide range of chemistry synthesis and enabling technologies

        Assets to support preclinical, phase I-III, and commercial-scale need

        Seamless process transfer

        Audited by a number of global pharmaceutical companies.

        Shangyu Site

        1,436,000 sq ft

        86 reactors from 300-6300L

        Pilot and commercial production of non-GMP/GMP intermediates & APIs (in planning)

        Diai Site

        807,000 sq ft

        30 reactors from 200-3000L

        Pilot and commercial production of intermediates

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